Victorian style

estilo victoriano Estilo victoriano
Classicism, elegance and sophistication. These are the main decorative inspiration victoriandecorative style keys a, which gets its name from the trend that emerged in the mid-19th century in England with Queen Victoria.

A combination of trends, cultures and environments come together in this decor to make your home a mixture of strange elegance and exoticism which takes as its basis the Gothic style and let dress by Oriental notes.

Agree, it is likely that today it is more difficult to decorate with this style than with many others, and is that find this kind of furniture and decorations is now more common.

estilo victoriano3 Estilo victoriano
However, in Interiorismos we want to help as much as possible and so you leave some of the key décor of this style. They are as follows:

Colors: would depend crucially on the stay that question, although in general dark tones and shutdown (garnets, red, green, blue, etc.) numbers in common areas while than the grey, pink and the cream used more intimate rooms. This applies both to textile coatings as or furniture, for example.

Walls: can be painted in colour, although wallpapers are really one of the basic keys of this decorative style.

Furniture: each of the pieces is trabajadísima with an eye-catching ornamentation of classical, soft, curved forms which take into account the smallest decorative detail. Most used tones were traditionally of dark wood, but nowadays many opt for a more current style by choosing the furniture in white.

Textile: floral prints and lace are the basis of the handkerchiefs, fabrics, carpets, curtains and even bed linens.

Ornament: it can be considered a trend opposite to the current minimalism, and is a space without decoration for the Victorian style a genuine bug. Antiques in actual condition and the modern pieces of imitation are a good idea for this decoration.

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